5 Social Media Hacks to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Being on social media is all about working smarter, not harder. I’ve written about different tools for analytics, hashtags, and posting tools. Let’s look at 5 social media hacks to make your job even easier.


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If This Then That is an app based on recipes to make your life easier. These recipes are connections between apps. For example, I use a recipe that will check the weather app each morning and tell me to bring a jacket. Talk about having a great personal assistant right in your pocket!
There are two kinds of recipes, IF and DO. IF recipes will connect apps like: IF I posted an image to Instagram, THEN save the images to Dropbox. See? IF _________, THEN ________. DO recipes are  even cooler.
Have HUE lights that you want to turn down? There’s a DO recipe for that. These recipes are more direct. With the touch of a button, it’ll do what the recipe says and dim your lights from your phone.
They have plenty of social media related recipes to make your life easier, so don’t just use IFTTT for changing your lights from the couch. Explore and create your own recipes!


2. Grammarly

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If you write blogs or any kind of online content in a browser, you don’t usually have access to a grammar check. Most browsers these days will check for spelling errors, but grammar isn’t part of that package. Grammarly has your back.
Grammarly is a free browser extension for Chrome and Safari will check for 150 different types of errors. If Grammarly finds errors in your writing, it will flag them and make suggestions for grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

3. Canva.com

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Ever want to create a beautiful graphic, but you’re not a graphic designer, or don’t have one in your organization? Never fear, here’s a way to get you started with the basics!
Canva is easy to learn, and provides you with templates for whatever type of graphic you’ll need to make. Need a new Facebook cover photo? Don’t worry, Canva has a template that even includes where your profile picture is.
There are plenty of free elements to Canva, including fonts, backgrounds, images, and templates. And there are some paid pieces too – but they are $1. You don’t even have to use the paid items unless you really want to. Its easy to find the free objects, or import your own for your nonprofit or small business.

4. TED Talks

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Ever need inspiration? Or maybe you want a video on a specific topic? TED Talks are the best source for great videos about a wide variety of subjects. They make great pieces to share and engage with your audience.
My favorite is “The danger of a single story,” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Some of the videos are long, but often times, they’re worth the watch. And there’s a few quick stories that are excellent conversation starters.

5. Personality

Social media is all about relationships and interaction with people. Don’t focus on promoting your product, or your company all the time. Its okay to use social media to express your company’s culture and personality. You’ll have a more genuine image.
Share that beautiful sunset photo from last night, or the office pet napping under your desk. People want to know that your organization is run by humans, not robots.
Life hacks are here to make your life easier. And these are some easy ways to help with your productivity and inspiration. Sit back and get hacking.

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