6 Tips for an effective Call to Action (CTA)

An effective Call to Action (CTA) guides your visitors take the next step

While some symbols and design elements have become intuitive for users, your visitor does not always know what to do next. It’s up to you to tell them what to do, and why they should do it. A key piece of your inbound marketing strategy is an effective Call to Action.

An effective Call to Action should be in clear sight on a webpage. They should be bigger and bolder that the other elements on your page without it taking over completely. Don’t compromise good design to make your CTA stand out.

1. Consider the colors of your CTA.

It should be a color that stands out and stimulates action, but still looks like it belongs there.

2. Tell them what they’re getting with clear and concise copy.

A thorough CTA that leads to an offer should be descriptive. Make the messaging about them and why they will benefit by clicking.

3. Make it look clickable.

Create a hover effect for your CTA so your visitors understand it’s a button that should be clicked.

CTA-Rollover-1  CTA-Rollover


4. Test it out.

Try some A/B testing with different colors, copy and position on the page. The data could provide some insight on how your audience behaves.

5. Place them where it makes sense.

You don’t want CTAs everywhere on your website. Take a step back and act like a website visitor. When will they be most interested in your offer? After they read a blog? Once they’ve gone over your services?

6. Understand which CTAs should go on which pages.

Segment your offers into Top of the Funnel (eBooks, free downloads), Middle of the Funnel offers (request a quote, free trial). Your Top of the Funnel offer CTAs should go on top level pages that have a lot of page views, while the Middle of the Funnel offer CTAs should appear on pages the user has to do a little bit of digging to find.
Take a look at your website from the user’s perspective and find some places where a CTA is needed. By adding an effective Call to Action, you could see your lead generation results improve right away.

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