8 Benefits of Email Marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective piece of a marketing plan. It is convenient and extremely cost effective. By sending an email, you are putting more emphasis on the message’s content and less on how it’s delivered, helping you become more memorable to your loyal or prospective clients. Here are 8 benefits of email marketing along with reasons to consider it for your marketing efforts.


1. Allows you to organize connections
The days of the Rolodex are long gone. Organize your contacts in your email marketing software. Put them into lists like “current clients” and “prospective clients,” or according to their interests, how you met them, and if they signed up for a specific promotion.


2. Targetable
If you know your target market why not market to them directly? Instead of hoping your target market sees your message though an advertisement or social media post, deliver that message instantly to their inbox.


3. Reduces time, cost and effort.
Replace your paper newsletter with an email and cut your costs dramatically. Now you can put your newly acquired time and effort into what matters; the content.


4. Allows you to conduct your own research.
Email marketing gives you relevant, real time results, based on behavioral data. Data generated by email marketing allows you to, for example, test which day you get the most opens. Send your email to half of your list on one day and half on another, then review the results, or you can test out which calls to action get more clicks. The possibilities for research are endless.


5. It’s completely customizable.
Your brand is unique, your email marketing campaign should be too. Easily tailor your campaigns subject lines, content, and design to meet your needs, through email marketing management.


6. Directly links to your website, blog, or social media.
A great way to get traffic to your website or blog is to provide buttons within an email. You can suggest readers to visit and explore your social media outlets, building your presence and creating interest.


7. Reinforces personal connections.
Word of mouth networking is extremely valuable, you want to make those connections worth it. Email marketing helps you keep track of and build upon connections in between face to face interaction.


8. Gives a method for follow ups.
Turn your email marketing into a tool for following up. Discover your contacts’ priorities by staying connected. Gain valuable feedback about yourself and your brand by asking contacts for their opinions and perspectives. Follow up emails allow for open and honest faceless communication.

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