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My Facebook link image is not showing–How to fix it!

Facebook link image

**Updated 1/19**

Have you ever posted a link to Facebook, wanting it to look like this:

Facebook Link image

But instead, it looked like this?:

Bad facebook link image

If your Facebook link image is not showing, It can be pretty frustrating. That’s why I’m here to help you to make sure that every link you post looks professional every single time.

The first step was done perfectly in my example. Simply copy and paste the URL of your link into your status. The link should automatically appear. If the image from the webpage you’re posting doesn’t automatically appear, go to You’ll see this:
Facebook Debug

Paste in the URL and hit debug.

You’ll get lots of information including when and how the URL was scraped, meta tags, and images. At the bottom, you’ll see what it will look like when it is shared. As long as there is an image within the page for Facebook to pick up, it should look the way you want it to. If it still doesn’t look right, try refreshing the page.

A few years back Facebook allowed you to upload your image right then and there if you wanted it to be something other than what was on the post. They also allowed you to change the title and description on the post, but that feature is no longer available. There are tools you can use within your website to set the image. If you’re using WordPress, Yoast allows you to set your share settings on your post or page before you share it to social media.

Tricks like this can save you a lot of time and frustration if you’re managing your own Facebook business page. Be sure to like us on Facebook for more tips like this one and feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Happy Facebooking!

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MYPN Power Lunch Series

Debunking Social Media Myths

MYPN Lunch Power Series


Last month, we had the pleasure of teaming up with Manchester Young Professionals Network for a Power Lunch Series event here at the studio. The event was sponsored by Northwestern Mutual and included a presentation, lunch, and networking. I presented one of my favorite topics, “debunking social media myths.” This is where I spend 20 or so minutes telling people not to listen to the self proclaimed social media ninjas or gurus out there. Social media is not magical and it’s definitely not as easy as they make it out to be sometimes.
MYPN Lunch Power SeriesMYPN holds lots of events like this one throughout the Manchester area, and they are a great way to connect with other professionals and to learn about things that could help your career. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young people who are transitioning from social and school life into their career life and they don’t know where to start.
We had a great time opening up our space and meeting the attendees. There were a few familiar faces and a lot of people we had not met. At the end of my presentation I was thoroughly impressed by the questions people had for me. It’s great to meet people who are working for businesses and organizations that are using social media and content marketing as a tool for brand recognition, promotion and communication when just a few years ago their position didn’t exist yet.
A big thanks to MYPN and Northwestern Mutual for putting on this event. I hope we can do more together in the future.

Signs You Follow Too Many on Twitter

Too many followers on Twitter

How many people do you follow on twitter? And how many of those people do you really follow? Do their tweets matter to you or are you constantly scrolling past looking for something else? There are no rules for who, or how many you follow but setting some guidelines for yourself can make your entire twitter experience better. So how do you know you follow too many people on twitter?


1. There’s never anything good on your feed.

If you can’t easily find great content on your feed, it’s probably because there’s too much on it. You should be able to log on to twitter at any time of day and see people tweeting about things that matter to you. If you find yourself giving up after scrolling too long then that’s a sign that it’s not working for you.


2. You don’t recognize most avatars.

You shouldn’t have to click on someone’s profile and read their bio to remember who they are. That’s sort of like asking, “..and who are you again?” every time you converse with someone. If they haven’t stuck out in your mind, odds are they’re not worth the follow.


3. You’ve never interacted with most of the people you follow.

Of course you should follow a few large brands, celebrities and influencers, but your feed shouldn’t be full of them. Choose the ones that really make you laugh, think, or act and cut the rest. Put more focus into the friends and colleagues that you can have real, spur of the moment, interactions with—that’s where the magic happens on twitter.


4. You follow everyone back.

Just because someone follows you doesn’t mean you have to reciprocate. Check them out, visit their profile and see if it’s something that interests you. There is no rule that says you have to follow them back.


The purpose of your twitter feed should be to bring great content into your life, and when there are too many people it makes it hard to find. People also look at users who follow too many people as not being credible, and it can be a turn off for potential followers. Cut the inactive users, shameless self promoters, and anyone who doesn’t add any value to your feed.

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