How to overcome a bad experience with a marketing agency

How to overcome a bad experience with a marketing agency

There are lots of different types of marketing agencies out there. And they all have different skill sets. The world of marketing can also be hard to understand for someone outside of it, and a company having a bad experience with a marketing agency is unfortunately not uncommon. But in order to survive in the business world, you can’t sit on the sidelines and never work with another marketing agency. Here’s how to bounce back and find a marketing agency you can trust.

Talk about it

When you are looking into working with a new agency, make sure to talk openly about what went wrong with your previous marketing agency or web development firm. Whatever the situation may have been, make sure the new agency understands where they would need to focus on to avoid the same issues.
Once the new agency understands what went wrong, ask them how they would avoid similar problems. Have them give you examples of how they overcome the same types of issues with their current clients.

Take Baby Steps

Try starting out with smaller project to test the waters. This way both parties get a feel of how each other works. Is the agency attentive? Do they meet deadlines and do they roll out efficient, quality work?
Let’s face it. Even though there is a great connection at the beginning between both parties, you need to understand if everyone can work well together. And, as an agency, we need to understand if the client likes how we work.
As digital marketers, we constantly talk about how there needs to be “the right fit” to do business.¬† The truth is, we don’t know if business relationship is “the right fit” until after the first project.
It’s difficult to build trust with a new digital marketing agency or website development firm but if you do your research, always have clear communication and take baby steps, it’s easier to establish a base without getting disappointed.
Have you had a bad experience with a previous agency or web development shop? What helped you or your company decide to work with the new agency?

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