How much does digital marketing cost with Schall Creative?

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing in itself is somewhat of a broad term. There are so many different type of tasks that can be done while managing someone’s inbound marketing strategy. After a few years of offering inbound marketing retainers, we realized that every plan we proposed was different.

So we decided to break down all the tasks we could possibly do for a client, and assign each one a points value. Using our points based system we can work with the client to craft their best possible plan. Our clients sign a 12 month contract and we work in quarterly sprints. That means that every 3 months we go over how our previous plan went, and how we might want to change it for the next quarter. With this system, things don’t get stale. There are no blog posts just for the sake of a blog post. The to-do list is always changing, and that’s because we have the data and the experience to tell us what to change.

With this points system, our clients tend to spend around $3,500 – $7,000 per month with us. For this reason, the gross revenue of the businesses we work with start out at about $1 million a year and go up from there.

If a company is under that revenue mark, we can craft consulting packages that can help get them there. This means that the client is doing more of the work in house, but they are still getting the same level of expertise. Our consulting cost is $125/hr and we work with our clients to make sure they have the right amount of time allotted for their goals and their budget.

Website Design

There is nothing simple about the websites we build, and when a prospect says, “I just want something simple,” it’s usually a sign that they are not the right fit for our agency.

We create beautiful websites, but we also create complete solutions for our clients. During our sales process, we ask a lot of questions. Like, A LOT of questions. Our goal is to figure out how we can give this prospective client more than their money’s worth. If their goal is just to have a great looking website, spending money on our agency just doesn’t make sense. Our client’s goals are more specific than that. Example might be, “we need something to help with our administrative process, so we can keep our staff the size it is and get more done”, or “We want to increase revenue by 10% in the next 18 months and we want to use our website to drive these sales.” We want to be able to tie what we’re doing to a tangible goal, so both our agency and the client understands the impact this project made on their organization. This makes for incredibly satisfying work for us, and happy clients that are reaching their goals.

Our website projects start at $8k. The price point will vary depending on the scope of work. Every website we build comes with a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the company’s online presence. We go through 4 phases in a website design and development process; discovery, creative, development and debugging. During the discovery phase, we study their current website’s user experience, uncover the goals of the organization and the user, and then continue to test the website after launch. We want to build websites that solve problems our clients didn’t even realize they had, as well as the ones that have been plaguing them for some time, and we’ve come up with a pretty solid process to do just that.

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) for Continuous Website Improvement

Take it from us, a website is never truly done. There are always improvements that can be made. The question is, how do we know which improvements to make? The answer is Growth-Driven Design. It’s an agile website design and development methodology that is built upon a quick website launch, and continuous improvement over time. The cost of a GDD project usually falls within the higher range of our websites, but with a large deposit and smaller payments spread out over time.


A small project is just that, something small. Sometimes there are clients that just need something done without the ongoing monthly support. We tend to price these out based on our hourly rate of $125/hour. Here are some examples of small projects:

  • • SEO Audit
  • • Landing Page
  • • Single campaign strategy
  • • Software integration or implementation
  • • Adwords setup
  • • Anything else that we tell you we can handle

Let’s get it right this time.