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Palliativity Medical Group

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Palliativity Medical Group is a Palliative Care medical practice. They provide specialized medical care for people living with serious our chronic illness. They also provide continuous education for both the private and healthcare communities. They came to us while they were starting up, when they needed a website designed and developed.

Paul and LisaPMG Waiting Room

Responsive Web Design

We designed a website that was impactful but also focused care and ease of use. Their powerful tag line is front and center, and the most necessary elements are displayed above the fold on the home page. It was important that we included images of their team, so we held a photo shoot at their location to ensure the shots were perfect.

Palliativity Desktop Display
Palliativity User Interface

Contact Us with Ease

Since they were starting out and their team was small, we wanted to include a contact form that was simple for people to use. This way, when someone chooses to get contacted, the office will get the message and give them a call at the earliest convenience. This is a great way to convert traffic into leads while they’re on your website and satisfied with what they see.

Palliativity Contact Form

Print Collateral

Once the website design was finalized, we designed some print collateral that matched their branding. There were some business cards and also a brochure with a lot of information laid out so it was simple and easy to read.

Palliativity Business Cards
Palliativity Tri-Folds

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