Palm Trees in New Hampshire

Palm Trees in New Hampshire

Our cure for the winter blues? Palm trees.

When we made the move to New Hampshire from Southern California in 2010, the winters were pretty tough on me. In an effort to keep my sanity without jumping on a plane back out west, I filled up our then 350 square foot office with about five or six 6′ tall majestic palm trees. Happily, my plan worked and I went to work every morning in sub-freezing weather with a smile on my face. I heard they could grow as high as 12′ tall, but after years of trial and lots of error taking care of them, I had to let them go.
When we moved into the Waumbec Mill in 2012 I was itching to take advantage of our new 14′ ceilings. I knew from past experience that growing a palm tree indoors in New England was just not plausible, so we decided to do the next best thing.
In an effort to bring back the California sunshine, we put together some artwork that included SoCal palm trees and a flock of California wild parrots. We paid special attention to the palms, as we wanted them to match the trees we used to see on the boardwalk in Venice. The result created such a warmth, I swear we can now feel the coastal breeze when we walk in the door every morning.
Now, our palm trees are very low maintenance and vary from four and an half to twelve feet. Our cali wild parrots are always on a mission and as for the coastal breeze, well, ceiling fans will have to do for now.
So if you’re feeling a bit gloomy and the weather is getting to you, stop by and spend some time with us. You never know, maybe some palms, parrots and a slight breeze might to do the trick.

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