Stacey and Fred Schall Are the New Manchester HUG Leaders

Manchester HUG

Early this year, we got word from HubSpot that we are the new Manchester HUG Leaders. While we are not against actual hugs (we really do love them), this kind of HUG stands for HubSpot User Group.

A HUG is exactly as it sounds, it’s a group of HubSpot users who get together once a quarter and talk shop. The Manchester HUG will be held at our location in the Manchester millyard, and there will be a whole lot of inbound marketing up in here.

What’s a meetup like?

A HUG meetup is about 2 hours long and ours will be held in the evening once a quarter. We’ll have some time for networking and then we’ll have a presentation for our attendees. Presenters will range from marketers, creatives, business owners and even speakers they send us from HubSpot HQ.

Oh, and we’ll also have snacks.. and drinks.. both very important.

What if I don’t use HubSpot?

We won’t shun you if you aren’t an actual HubSpot user. HubSpot’s philosophy is about teaching everyone about inbound marketing, and we want to do the same thing.

Are you going to try to sell me?

Absolutely no selling. Only teaching, talking, laughing, eating and drinking.

What if I’m your competitor?

Please come so we can learn all your secrets! Just kidding. But seriously, we want to use this HUG to bring all of the Manchester area inbound/digital marketing agencies together. We will all benefit from mingling and learning from one another.

We’ll see you in the millyard!

Register for our next meetup here!

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About Stacey Schall

Stacey is the head of inbound marketing at Schall Creative. She has a passion for communicating and believes that her left brain and right brain can work together in harmony. You can find her on Twitter @staceyschall.