The Face Behind the Screen: Meet Erin, Schall’s New Intern

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This summer, Schall Creative hired me, Erin Loughran, as an inbound marketing intern. My responsibilities here include posting blogs and taking care of social media for Schall. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself and I’m excited to let everyone know a little more about me. I am a senior at Southern New Hampshire University where I major in Business Studies with a double focus in Organizational Leadership and Marketing. I have prior experience from previous internships in sales, hiring, quality control management, retail and more (I like to keep myself busy). Without further ado, here are seven things you don’t know about me!

          1. I coach Varsity Cheerleading.

My whole life I have been very involved in sports and have loved being part of a team. I’ve been involved in gymnastics since I could walk. During my freshman year I was the first one at the cheerleading tryouts and from there I cheered for 8 seasons on varsity through high school. I continued on to do cheer in college and even got to go to the NCA Nationals in Daytona, FL. Recently, I got the opportunity to go back and coach my high school team. So when this opportunity came knocking I couldn’t help but to accept. I’m excited for the future ahead with my team.

          2. I am an adventure enthusiast.

I love to travel and experience new things I’ve never done before. I almost always say yes to an adventure or to travel somewhere. I have the worst case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I love to live life to the fullest. If it’s going to a concert, traveling, hiking, or anything else you can find my name on the list.

          3. I consider myself a Disney Junkie.

In May, I came home from the Disney College Program where I had been since January *sob*. If that doesn’t already scream she loves Disney then I don’t know what will. My whole family finds so much happiness when we get to go to Disney that when I got that opportunity everyone was thrilled for me . I thought I already knew the ins and outs of Disney but boy was I wrong. I now know everything that needs to be known about Disney and I couldn’t love the company more. I’m already having withdrawals from being there. If you ask me what it was like living in Disney, I would say it’s a whole new world (pun intended). But honestly, if your looking to plan a vacation there and you need some input, you know where to find me.

          4. I’m a people person.

I can talk to anyone about anything! I LOVE TO TALK (Sometimes a little too much)! I find myself to be very outgoing and I think that is why I believe that I belong in business. Now, at this point  I am still unsure of just what type of business I would want to go into, but I’m sure all the pieces will fall into place. So what if my people are kids and characters?

          5. I Love to learn.

I LOVE TO LEARN ABOUT NEW THINGS. I love to learn about history, people, I love to learn about anything…anything I’m interested that is and right now, it’s inbound marketing. Here at Schall Creative, I have been taking part of HubSpot Academy and I absolutely love it! Again, I’m learning about things I am interested in! Fun fact; when I was in second grade I could tell you everything you needed to know about the Titanic.

          6. I am DECA.

That was our motto my senior year of high school. I loved every single part about DECA and I owe it to this club for my love of business. I joined DECA my sophomore year of high school and from there I was loving it till the end of my senior year. I qualified for nationals my junior and senior year. Also my senior year I was the DECA Chapter President for my high school. Without DECA I am unsure if I would be studying business today. How cute are those blazers?

          7. My family is my everything.

Family is the most important part of my life. I have a very close family and I am extremely lucky for that! My parents are the most supportive, caring, loving parents I could ask for. My sister is the most giving, intelligent and perfect role model she could be to me. I would not be where I am today without every lesson, encouragement, insightful piece of information they each have given me and I owe everything to them and I will always love them more. 

There is a lot of things that make me, me but these are the seven things that if I didn’t have I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. I can share the passion and love of almost every one of these things with my family so that’s a pretty cool thing too. Now that you all know a little more about me, I hope that you have a better picture of the face behind the screen.

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About Erin Loughran

Erin is currently studying at SNHU with a major in business studies and a double focus in organizational leadership and marketing. She has prior interning experiences in sales, hiring, and quality control management. She just spent five months in Disney for the Disney College Program where she studied organizational leadership.