Website and UX Audit

This audit was designed to give organizations a clear view of where they stand with their web presence. Rather than making website and digital strategy suggestions based on gut, we look at data to give us the best starting point.

Our Website and UX Audit Includes

1. Analytics Audit

We dig in to your Google Analytics to understand where your traffic is coming from, what is driving them, and what they are most interested in seeing. This portion gives us ideas of how to improve site content as well as what is the best way to set up your tracking. We find that most often an important piece that is missing in many Google Analytics portals is setting up goals and seeing conversion rates. We aim to place conversion opportunities on the most effective pages, so we can measure what kind of content is making a user take action.

2. On Page SEO Audit

We run our specialized SEO software that will crawl your website and give suggestions on how to make your site as Google-friendly as possible. These include things like title tags, meta tags, and image alternative tags that may be missing. This crawl also turns up any broken links or visibility issues that may have gone unnoticed.

3. Website Authority and Competitor Analysis

We’ll crawl your site as well as up to 3 competitors to see how you compare. There are a number of rankings signals that tell us how much authority your domain has, how many inbound links your site has, page speed and even social shares that we can compare with others.

4. UX Audit

We’ll install a script on your site that records how visitors are interacting with your content. Depending on the amount of traffic you have currently, we’ll run the software for 4 weeks. At the end of the time, we’ll have click maps and scroll maps that show us what users are viewing and where they are clicking. We’ll also have actual recordings of people using the website, so we can get a granular view of what the users are looking for, and empathize with them to spark ideas on how to make improvements.

5. Strategy Suggestions

We tie all this together with personalized strategy suggestions. With your goals in mind, and a look into your online presence, we’ll write up an in depth report. We go through this report in an online conference or in person, so your organization comes away with understanding where you are and how you can improve.

6. Request Your Audit

If you’re looking for information on what this website audit entails, feel free to contact us through the link below to schedule a call.