The Schall Story

A digital agency that cares.

Schall Family Picture by Kelly Mann
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Schall Creative is the digital agency that builds brands and drives sales with data research, elegant design and the best marketing and sales software.

Founded in 2012 by Fred and Stacey Schall, the agency is the product of a deeply held belief that design can be both beautiful and results-driven.

Our Mindset

Read the data, make a plan, get creative, do the work.

  • • Get organized – use the right tools to see your data.
  • • Know your numbers and set goals.
  • • Discover the right marketing strategies.
  • • Have a real conversation based on facts and numbers.
  • • Make sure the website is beautiful, but that it also does its job.
Schall Creative Entrance

Our Culture

We’re a family agency, and that shows in our culture. We tell it like it is and as a result develop lasting relationships built on trust. With our clients’ and our partners’ trust, we can embark on new strategies and continually evolve as an agency, and that is a really beautiful thing. We work with people who love to learn and have a sense of humor. We come from diverse backgrounds and bring a passion for life into our work at Schall.

Hubspot User Group Meetup

What’s up with the palmtrees?

The company was born in Venice Beach, CA. After moving the business to New England, the winters were a bit crisp and the only solution to a slight seasonal depression were palm trees, and a lot of them. Since then, we leave a palm tree behind where ever we go. Oddly enough, we owe our growth to New England’s one of kind weather.

Schall Creative Corner Office