Why Marketing and Sales Should Team Up

Overall, a business works towards the same goal and every part of the business should work in unison. A while back, we published a blog on how to build communication between sales and marketing and here are some of the reasons why marketing and sales should team up.

Better marketing

Being one team leads to better marketing. Sales knows first hand what people are asking and are concerned about. This information should be passed on to marketing so they can provide the answers before they even become questions or concerns. The buyer is researching the company on the internet and social media, and with that communication bridge the customer will be able to find exactly what they are looking for.

Easier Sales

With marketing addressing all the questions and concerns that you’re constantly answering in emails and phone calls, that leads to easier sales. Let your marketing team provide answers to prospects before the prospect even picks up the phone. Marketing also knows what is popular within their website, blogs, social media post, ect. which should be passed to sales.

Buyer Personas

Marketing knows what the business wants and aims for but sales knows what the business attracts and sells to. With both teams sitting down and working on buyer personas or ideal customer profile together it will increase the accuracy of what the company’s buyer personas really are.

Sales, Sales, Sales

All of the little things with these two teams working together really will add up and you will see the change. The superior results is the main reason your company should want marketing and sales to work together.

The company should drive the quote of “one team, one vision” to the whole company because that mindset will open doors to creating more leads and more conversations. It will take some reorganization for this to become and routine and ultimately work. But in the long run the work is worth it.

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