YMCA Camp Mi-Te-Na

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YMCA Camp Mi-Te-Na

Summer of a Lifetime

YMCA Camp Mi-Te-Na is the brother camp to Camp Foss. Located in Alton, NH it is an overnight summer camp for 8 – 15 year old boys. Camp Mi-Te-Na builds a healthy spirit, mind and body in all campers while striving to bring out the potential in each child.

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Responsive Web Design

We designed this website to be easily navigable and pleasing to the eye. We wanted to make sure all its users could find what they were looking for without having to pick up the phone and ask. We also made sure to stay consistent with their brand and other camp materials.

Camp Mitena Responsive Display
Camp Mitena User Interface Design
Camp Mitena Icons

Get Excited About Camp

The illustrations and functionalities included in this website redesign were developed to be both fun and informative. Choosing and preparing for summer camp should be an exciting activity.

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