Your Homepage Copy Should Draw People In

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If a user doesn’t relate to your web copy, they tune it out. Plain and simple. They’ll easily ignore your homepage copy and just look around for what they need. Or worse, they’ll hit the back button and find something they can relate with.

The best thing you can do when writing for your website is to stop thinking about yourself and what you need to say. Start thinking about your potential buyers and what they need to hear in order to make a decision to connect with you.
Too many companies think that using big words and corporate speak will make them look more important, and really it just confuses people.

Avoid this:

Company ABC is the leading interactive implementors of B2C infrastructures. They enthusiastically enable value-added outsourcing and dramatically utilize value-added functionalities.

Keep it simple

One of the biggest challenges I find my clients have with writing is that they struggle to keep it brief. They are so afraid of leaving something out. You need to understand that the buyer’s journey will take more than a visit to your home page, and too much info will end their journey right then and there. Find the text that connects with your user and prompts them to learn more.
Here are some great examples of writing for web:

home page copy
Here’s a subject that seems like it would be complicated to put into words. With the help of some awesome imagery they have managed to keep it in two lines. They even go further and use icons and a “formula” to dive even deeper into the value that they are offering.

writing for web
A great example of a website that speaks directly to the user, one on one. They have really recognized the main problem that their target personas have, and they are letting them know that they had that problem too. Oh, and they created a solution for it.

writing for home page
Another complicated topic that can get clouded with too much verbiage very easily. I’m sure there could be a wealth of information once you dig deeper into this website, but the home page tells you what it is without scaring you off.

Something to try

When you’re writing copy your homepage copy and having trouble coming up with a description of your company, try asking your clients for help. Pick up the phone and ask your favorite customer what you do for them. Then, ask them why that helps them in their business or life. What is the problem that you solve for them? How do they talk about you in their own words? Use their feedback as a starting point to getting to the copy that your target personas can really relate with.

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