Mann Family Dental

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Mann Family Dental

Comprehensive Dental Care

Mann Family Dental is a family and general dentist in Manchester NH. When they came to us in 2013, they had a website that wasn’t doing much of anything. Almost all of their new patients were coming through word of mouth referrals, and they were looking for more consistency when it came to generating new leads.

Mann Family Entrance

Brand Development

We redeveloped their branding to something that fits with their image. They already had a great reputation within the community, and we wanted to create something that gave patients the same feeling they get upon walking into the practice. We drew from colors in their facility and designed something that created warmth and matched their high standards for care. Along with the full version of the logo, we created a draped version that could be used for mobile devices or smaller print materials where the full name wasn’t necessary.

Mann Family Stacked Logo
Mann Family Draped Logo
Mann Family Dental Welcome Packet
Mann Family Dental Welcome Packet
Mann Family Business Cards

Website Design and Development

We designed a website to retain and convert visitors. Patients have a lot of choices when it comes to dental care, so we needed to create something that kept them there once they landed on the home page. We also paid close attention to the usability, and made sure to design for new patients as well as current patients.

Mann Family Growth-Driven Web Design
Mann User Interface Design

Efficient New Patient Forms

Not only does this website increase sales, it also increases the office efficiency. We developed a simple and secure online new patient form that transfers all of the information entered into an easy to read PDF that is identical to the one patients fill out in the office. This way, Dr. Mann doesn’t have to go searching for a piece of information when the two formats differ. When the patients take advantage of this online form, their time in the office decreases.

New Patient Form UI
New Patient Form Feature

Google Adwords Management

More than just paying to get your home page up to the top of a Search Engine Results Page, Google Adwords should be targeted and have a purpose. We developed landing pages for each campaign so we can measure who converts and update our efforts accordingly.

Dentistry Google Ads
Adwords Landing Page

Inbound Marketing

We developed a complete Inbound Marketing strategy for Mann Family Dental. We manage their entire online presence and make changes to the strategy based on data. One of the main inbound activities we focus on is blogging and content creation, to increase their organic SEO results. Year over year, we’ve seen a 60% increase in organic traffic since we started in 2013, and that traffic increase directly correlates to an increase in leads, and patients from organic search.

Mann Family Dental Landing Page
Mann Family Dental Thank You Page

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