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Quality Java Enterprise Edition Software

RealMethods is a complex Java Enterprise Edition application developer located in Massachusetts. They had been operating under their name for quite some time but their logo and web presence wasn’t up to par with the quality of work they produced. They came to us in need of branding and website design and development.



We created a brand that was technical, but still legible to the non-tech crowd. It’s eye-catching and clever, and easy to translate from print to web.

realMethods Logo
realMethods Brand Guideline Part 2

Responsive Website Design

Once the brand was finalized we moved on the designing and developing their website. After a brief and technical overview of the company, we highlighted what would help someone make the decision to work with them. In this case it was credibility and a client list with big names. We then moved on to the services they offer and a little bit about the company.

realMethods Responsive Display
realMethods User Interface Display
realMethods Icons

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