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keyword research tool

When writing content for your website or blog, your first step is to think about your user and what they might be searching for. What are their challenges, and how can you help them? It’s a good idea to do some keyword research to ensure the term your optimizing the page for matches up with the term people are searching.

If you don’t have the time or resources to conduct thorough keyword research, try just using google itself.

Based on the search data in your area, Google give you options to auto fill your search query. It also takes into account what you’ve searched for in the past, so it’s best to use this tactic in a private browser.
Here’s what it will look like:
keyword research tool
If you’re unsure of how people are searching for your service, just type a few of the key words into the search bar and take a note of what comes up.
To take it a step further, try Google trends. The explore tool lets you see the trends over time for any keywords. It also shows you the regional interest, and even compares them to other similar terms. Of course, neither of these tools give you real numbers of how many people searched for these terms, but it can help point you to the right direction in your keyword strategy.
Here’s an example:
Google Explore Tool
If you’re looking for a more in depth way to plan your keyword strategy, I recommend taking a look at the resources on, especially their beginner’s guide to SEO. You can find the chapter on keyword research here.

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