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True North Political Solutions

Government Affairs & Strategic Consulting

True North Political Solutions is about value, professionalism and expertise. Getting to a company’s “True North” is about making decisions that will benefit their business and further their goals.

True North Political Solutions Stacked Logo
True North Political Solutions North Horizontal Logo


We came up with a number of logo options for True North. After just a few rounds of revisions, they settled on what you see here. We paired the T in their name with the symbol for north, using negative space so the eye can naturally create the shape. The brand is modern and clever, and can easily convert to different formats.

Brand Guideline Part 1
Brand Guideline Part 2

Responsive Web Design

We designed True North’s website to be informative and professional, but made sure to put a face behind it. The biggest challenge was displaying their services and plans in a way that was easy to understand, and pushing through that challenge made way for some groundbreaking ideas for the company.

True North Responsive Website Design
True North User Interface Design

From Services to Products

During our planning phase we were able to get a clear understanding of the company’s goals to package their services and offer them as plans or products. We worked with them to display their first product complete with its own brand.

True North Burn Factor

Custom Client Portal

We developed a client portal for True North to display information and communicate with their individual clients. The portal is easy to manage and has a clean and simple display for the users.

True North Client Portal

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