YMCA Shared Services

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YMCA Shared Services

Aggregate common needs, achieve common goals.

YMCA Shared Services (YSS) has a mission to increase the day-to-day operational efficiency of their member YMCAs by reducing overhead cost to operate through vendor relationships & strategic sourcing, cost savings procedures, concentration of support functions and innovative collaborations.

YMCA Shared Services Building

Responsive Web Design

We designed the website to highlight the benefits of YMCA Shared Services for its members. It also allows potential vendors to reach out through a form. When a member is logged in they have easy access to documents and contact information.

YMCA Shared Services
YMCA Shared Services User Interface Design

Respecting YMCA Brand Guidelines

The YMCA has strict brand guidelines for all its organizations. Sometimes these brand guidelines can lead to websites looking the same, but we made sure to focus our layout on what is unique to YSS.

YSS Trusted By Section
YSS Events Section

Custom Member Portal

The member login portal is personalized to each user. It allows members to find information they need, like document or contact info, and allows them to reach out if they have questions.

YMCA Shared Services Custom Client Portal

Client Portal Features

Each vendor has a profile page, with links to their information. Vendors are categorized and there is also a search function so users can find what they need quickly.

YSS Vendor Profile Custom Portal
YSS Vendor Profile Manageable In-House
YSS Member Resources