Professional Website Design & UX Services

Schall Creative is a professional website design and UX company located in Manchester, New Hampshire. We frequently hear from our clients how much they appreciate us clearly explaining what the process looks like, and how we uncover "the why" when making game-changing decisions that are based on traffic and user experience research.

It's very important that there is chemistry in our agency-client relationships. This chemistry combined with awesome collaboration is what makes the website project outcome a success. Many times while presenting the findings after a website assessment there's a sense of confidence, creativity, and excitement that occurs all at the same time. These emotions that we share as a group is what we thrive for and is our secret to having long term client relationships.

Below you'll find frequently asked questions and a breakdown of our process in executing a beautiful and effective website that's easy to update.
  • What is your process?
    First, we ask a lot of questions. We want to understand the goals of your organization, and how your website fits into those goals. From there, we will conduct a thorough audit of what you have going on currently. This includes website traffic, conversions, SEO, user experience, and even your sales process. Soon after this research, we'll plan and strategize next steps.
  • What does it cost?
    Our website projects start at $6,500. To get a better idea of what this entails, please review our web design standards below.
  • Do you provide hosting and support?
    Yes. Our hosting plans for Wordpress websites only include security (SSL Certificate), performance (Efficient Caching and CDN (quick image download for mobile purposes)) and daily backups. The annual cost for this is $480. For website support, we offer a few different monthly plans depending on your needs.
  • Is SEO included?
    Yes. In our web design and development process we follow all SEO standards. In the case you are looking for monthly SEO, we offer ongoing technical SEO or broader inbound marketing plans.
  • I've had a bad experience, how is Schall different?
    We hear this a lot. And we're sorry you had a bad experience. We pride ourselves on educating our clients and potential clients in a way that makes sense. At the end of they day, we want to empower them to understand what we do so they can make the best decision for their organization. Our clients appreciate how we explain everything without tech lingo. They're really grateful when fires are put out quickly and they like how the owners get their hands dirty in every project.
  • Do you outsource any of your production?
    As with any growing agency, contracting is a normal occurrence. Our partners are all experts in their field, and they are always a short drive or a phone call away. We don't contract out any strategy, web design, or development work. But we will contract video production, print services, and copy writing. That being said, nothing is presented to our clients until we sign off on it first.
  • What industries have you worked with?
    We've worked with a wide range of industries, and our niches have appeared to us organically. As time goes on, we tend to gravitate towards Dentistry, Non-Profits, Manufacturing and eCommerce the most.

Our Web Design Standards

1. Website Audit

It’s important for us to understand the current state of a business website before making any decision on a website redesign or upgrades. We have to know where you are to figure out the best way to get where you’re going. The website audit usually consists of reevaluating the following:

  • Brand Identity
  • Google Analytics
  • User Experience
  • Current Marketing Tactics
  • Business Goals

2. Content Strategy

Our research is followed by strategizing and planning out the information the website should have to help meet the business goals. This strategy is focused on the user and what their goals are when visiting your website, which then ties back to our clients reaching their business goals. Some steps included in this process are:

  • Sitemap
  • Wireframes
  • User Journeys
  • Personas
  • Goal Setting

3. Creative User Interface Design

It is vital to have the ability and good taste to translate complex topics into a visual experience that will achieve business goals. In our opinion, a modern web design is what brings visitors back, or even better, turns them into an evangelist. Our creative process includes:

  • Moodboards and Brainstorming
  • Mobile Design
  • Tablet Design
  • Desktop Design
  • Presentations with Interactive Prototypes

4. CMS Development

A web design should be beautiful and user-friendly, not only for online visitors but for your team as well. Frequently, our clients tell us how much they appreciate our efficiency and communication. We’re able to achieve this simply because the entire creative and development process is performed in-house. Some custom development outcomes are:

  • Client, Member or Admin Portals
  • WooCommerce Templates & Functionality
  • WordPress Templates on Grid Frameworks
  • HubSpot COS Templates
  • CRM & Marketing Automation Integrations; HubSpot & Infusionsoft

5. SEO & Copywriting

Search engine optimization and copywriting is performed in-house and comes with the territory. A web design does not go live without an established SEO strategy. A few areas of focus:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • HTML Semantics
  • Meta Tags
  • Organic & Local Search

6. Post User Experience Review

Humans are complex. Websites large and small go through a post user experience evaluation to make sure online customers are performing tasks with ease. The online visitor must be able to find content and convert efficiently. It’s crucial for us that the website is goal-oriented. Here’s what we gather:

  • Heatmaps, Scrollmaps & Clickmaps
  • Online Visitors Recordings
  • Website Feedback Survey
  • User Experience Outcome Presentation
  • State-of-the-Union Documentation

7. Security & Performance

Will the website be safe, HIPAA and/or ADA compliant for online visitors? Will the web design be thoughtful for mobile visitors and not consume their data plans? Will the website development code be optimized and cached correctly? Some areas of focus upon a website launch:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Light Weight & Efficient Download
  • Scalable & Manageable In-house
  • Code and Image Optimization
  • Efficient Caching

8. Support & Maintenance

Website support and maintenance is a simple hourly model. This can be WordPress plugins and core files updates, new content or new website features. And of course we have the unpredictable occurrences that need to be attended. It’s our duty to put out fires quickly around here. A few website support and maintenance highlights:

  • Daily Website Backups
  • Dedicated Support When You Need It
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Website Upgrades When Needed
  • Peace of Mind