Website Strategy tip: Offering value to your website visitors

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Not only is it important to have a nice looking and informative website, but you need to have an effective website strategy to go with it. In this series of blog posts I’ll be going over what a great website strategy looks like with some tips and tactics that will get you there.

Offer value to your website visitors


There are two types of visitors that will navigate to your website on any given day; those that are ready to buy, and those that are not. The ones that are ready to buy have already done their research, gotten a referral to you, or have been sold on your product or service prior to visiting your site. But what about those people that aren’t ready to buy? What do they do when they visit your site?


Sure, they can read about your company, where you’re located and what services you offer. Maybe they’ll watch an impressive testimonial video about one of your recent satisfied clients. But then what? A lot of times these people are hesitant to make direct contact with you via phone or email because they’re afraid of being sold to. They want to figure out the solution to their problem (seemingly) on their own. How can you guide your website visitors through the sales funnel right there on your website?


You can offer them something that will aid them in their decision making. They visited your website because they have a problem. They need to decide that your services are the solution to that problem before they pick up the phone and call you. This is the value you can offer your website visitors.


What’s in it for them?


You’re an interior designer, and someone landed on your website when they google searched for designers in their area. They are moving into a new house in a few months, but are doing research on whether they should design their space themselves, or hire someone and they want to see what’s out there. They see some great work on your home page but are not ready to become a customer just yet. They scroll down the home page to see an eBook about working with a blank slate; where to start when designing your space. This is an offer that is of value to them and it brings them further down into the sales funnel. Now, instead of just viewing your site, getting some ideas and then leaving, they have become a contact.


Your website should offer more than just product content. Provide eBooks, whitepapers, videos, and other forms of content that is educational. This will nurture prospects through your marketing and sales funnel until they are ready to buy, plus, they will feel as if they are receiving valuable information along the way and not just a sales pitch.


  • In product-specific content, write as if you are speaking directly to your audience. Use words like “you,” and “we.” Be transparent. Make yourself sound human. Speak their language.
  • Write your product content as if you are helping them solve their problems. Avoid “we are the best” speak and instead use “this is how we help you….”
  • As marketers, you need to look at your website strategy from the position of the user. Try to block out what your business mind wants to say and focus on what that user will want to see.


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