What This College Student Loved About the HubSpot Inbound Certification

hubspot inbound certification

As college student, I regularly sit through four hour lectures. I take classes online and on campus, write lots of papers and participate in discussion boards, often just for the sake of getting the credit. So starting courses for the HubSpot Inbound Certification, I’m not gonna lie, I was thinking to myself ‘jeez how long is this gonna take’ *eye roll*. But by the end of the training I realized that everything I just learned from this marketing software company were things I have never touched on at my university. I finished the HubSpot inbound training and these are few things that really stood out to me.

It’s engaging

One of the great things about these training courses is that they are videos of someone speaking. I know what you might be thinking, “Someone speaking on camera… and I’m supposed to stay attentive?” While the person is speaking, slides are posted on the screen with notes and numbers and pictures. Even with this seemingly boring format, they do a great job with keeping you interested.They throw out surprising statistics that you didn’t know or they simply provide material that you really want to learn.

There are plenty of resources

They also provide you with resources you might find helpful like blogs related to the topic. If you’re a note taker like me, they give you the slides first hand to take note on for the exam at the end of the training. They also give you a study guide! Take advantage of that because the exams are not easy! But by the end of this training, once you pass the exam, you’ll want to hang up your certification certificate on the nearest fridge!

I’ve never learned this stuff

My major is Business Studies and I have a minor in Marketing. The courses I take at my university are centered around the basic knowledge of business and a little sprinkle into marketing. But HubSpot dives into inbound marketing, blogging, social media and so much more that I haven’t had the opportunity to learn in depth. I am excited and eager to learn more at HubSpot Academy.

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About Erin Loughran

Erin is currently studying at SNHU with a major in business studies and a double focus in organizational leadership and marketing. She has prior interning experiences in sales, hiring, and quality control management. She just spent five months in Disney for the Disney College Program where she studied organizational leadership.