Why Inbound Marketing is Like Dating

why Inbound Marketing is Like Dating

A while back (pre-HubSpot) we developed a series of landing pages for a client. The offers that were featured with these pages were aligned with a direct mail campaign they had been sending out over the past several months. These offers were geared towards trying to get people in the door, or what I like to call “finish line” offers. While they worked well in print format because they were sent to the same house multiple times, they gave us some problems in their inbound marketing strategy.

The biggest problem

Prospects would fill out the form, and never respond to any further interaction. People on social media would see the word “Free” and instinctively go through the steps that were needed to get that free thing. They didn’t realize that they needed to come into the office to get that free thing. They just weren’t ready for that kind of commitment.
The offer was a free consultation for a potentially life changing procedure. A good number people who saw the offer on social media liked the idea of getting a free consultation, but they weren’t quite ready to drive their butts to the practice, or even pick up the phone when they called.

What Would You Do?

When you’re creating your inbound marketing funnel, think about your own behaviors. You fill out a form so you can download something for free. A day later, someone calls or emails you about it. How do you react? It sort of seems like someone you just met is asking you to marry them, and you probably can’t run away fast enough.
If you’re selling a big ticket item, or anything that requires research before people buy, their first touch with your brand should be just an introduction. Then, you can keep in touch with some charming information—but not every day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But don’t disappear. Don’t ask them to take the next step until they’ve given you the right signals. And make sure to listen to them. —See how confusing this is? This is why inbound marketing is a lot like dating.
If you want to find the right partner, or customer, you’re going to have to put the time in and build your inbound marketing funnel the right way. Don’t get discouraged. Focus on yourself for once. When it’s ready, the right customers will just drop into your lap.

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