A Great Way to Improve Your Medical Practice Productivity

How to Take Your Medical Practice Administrative Process to the Next Level

In Part 2, Online Patient Forms: How Email Notifications Help Save Time, we went over testing tips when setting up an email and spoke about a few pointers on static and dynamic subject lines.
In this article I’d like to share how we helped our client improve their medical practice productivity and increase their bottom line.

The Problem

At the beginning, it was exciting for the practice to receive email notifications of new patients filling out their online form. With every patient that was going online to complete their forms, precious time in the office was spared. This new patient form email would simply be printed, filed, and then used by the doctor at the time of the appointment.
The problem was the email print out had a different layout and the doctor wasn’t used to it. He would go to the page to find out vital information and he would have trouble finding it. The new online forms were causing different frustrations and time sucks in the office.

The Solution

We took a look at what the printed forms looked like, and replicated it for the populated online form.
We took the information submitted by the new patient form and had the email notification attach a PDF. This PDF was designed with exactly the same layout of what the doctor was accustomed to, and it was then populated with the new patient form information submitted from their website. This entire process is auto-generated every time an online visitor submits the new patient form.
Now when an administrator prints the new patient form email attachment, the doctor can find the information where he’s used to looking for it.

The Outcome

• An efficient online patient conversion from the website
• Patients are attended quicker
• The administrative process at the practice saves time and money
• Most importantly, the practice attends happier patients and more of them
How have you improved your medical practice productivity? Share at the comments!

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