Inbound Marketing Agency

Our inbound marketing approach consists of research, planning, execution and constant improvement. Yes, you can score on low hanging fruit but real success takes work. And when that work pays off, your company becomes very powerful and dangerous to the competition regardless on how deep their pockets are.
  • What value is there in teaming up with Schall Creative?
    It all starts with the research. Before we start building campaigns we dive in deep to understand your organization and your users. We want to understand your goals and your users' goals so we can develop the type of content that will build trust between your organization and your users. We pride ourselves on transparency and effective communication. Our reports consist of the numbers that matter to your organization, and we make ourselves available to talk strategy with our clients. You'll talk with the people who are doing the work, rather than an account rep going back and forth with the production team for answers.
  • How long does it take to start seeing results?
    It always depends on where you are starting withe your digital marketing. We've had clients see immediate results, and clients that start to see conversions after 6+ months. We recommend everyone starts with a thorough website and digital marketing audit. We'll dig into your data and create a presentation that tells your team where you are now, where the opportunity lies, and what the plan looks like. We work on quarterly sprints, so our inbound marketing strategies shift as results or goals change.
  • What's the process like?
    After completing a full digital marketing audit, we'll put together a plan for the first 3-6 months. All our inbound marketing activities will be tied to goals that we've decided on during the audit stage. The inbound marketing activities we lay out could be email marketing, blogging, social media, pillar content, technical SEO and more. At the end of the first quarter we'll take a look at our progress and put together the plan for the next quarter. We also have annual reviews that show a bigger picture.
  • What's it going to cost me?
    Our complete inbound marketing plans start around $3000 per month. We use a points system so you can see in a clear picture what it is you're getting each month, and we can alter the plan at the quarterly reviews if needed.

Our Inbound Marketing Process

1. Strategy + Planning

The strategy and planning portion of our process is by far the most important. We want to have a deep understanding of your organization and its goals. A few ways we do this is by interviewing team members, researching your competitors, and of course doing a complete digital marketing audit. We also start to build a picture of who your users are. What are their goals and how can your organization help them reach those goals? We’ll develop buyer personas and user journeys as we start to build the plan. We’ll ask ourselves a lot of questions.

What type of content will we be publishing? How will users convert and what does the follow up look like? What do we need to build for this to work? What technology do we need? What are our short term goals?

2. Develop Campaigns

Once we have the game plan, we’ll start building our campaigns. This portion of our process may include designing or redesigning your blog section, building email templates, creating landing pages, building out forms or writing pillar content. We’re creating our inbound marketing arsenal during this stage, and there is plenty of heavy lifting.

3. Publish + Promote

Now it’s time to show off all our hard work. The plan starts to come to fruition as we publish blog posts, send email campaigns, and publish social media posts. Even though this stage is about publishing, we are also collecting data and using that data to help in our efforts.

4. Report + Plan (Again)

At the end of our cycle we’ll put together a cohesive report to show our clients the results. With that we’ll give our recommendations for the next sprint, and start planning any changes we’ve decided on.