WordPress Development Services

Wordpress is the most popular content management system out there. More than half of the websites that run on a CMS are on Wordpress, and almost 30% of the entire internet runs on the platform. The biggest reason we see for this is the flexibility it offers, and the resources you can find with such a robust community of users. When we build a Wordpress site, the difference we bring to the table is custom design and theme implementation, an easy-to-use backend with custom fields, third party integrations that make business run smoothly, and lightning fast site optimization. Our Wordpress websites show the true brand of our clients, and cut down on marketing tasks while the system carries the load.
  • How does Schall differ from other WordPress web agencies?
    Our Wordpress websites are more than just a marketing tool. We want to find a solution to make your business run smoother. Whether it's an eCommerce solution, database integration, email automation or a live chat, we will help you figure out what will make your life easier and get it set up for you. We also pride ourselves on communication with our clients during a website build. We cut our the techie jargon and tell our clients how things work. Every custom Wordpress website comes with a training session for you and your team, so you're not left in the dark as to how it all works.
  • What about email hosting?
    It's best to have your email hosted outside of your website, and we tend to recommend Google G Suite for our clients. We can help with your email migration, and the monthly fee from Google goes directly to them.

WordPress Development Services

1. Custom WordPress Integrations

There several sales and marketing tools that work well with WordPress. We have the capability to analyze your challenges, provide and build a solution that integrates well with your WordPress website. Whether it’s a complete marketing software like HubSpot or Infusionsoft, a shopping cart like WooCommerce or just a simple live chat, we’ll create a solution so that everything is running smoothly.

2. Custom Development Features

Often, we find that clients don’t know exactly what their needs are until we start asking questions about their internal processes. Custom client portals, custom online forms that submit information into a custom designed PDFs, and custom learning management systems are a few WordPress development services requested by our clients.

3. Custom WordPress Templates

It’s important to us that our WordPress websites are user-friendly not just on the front-end but in the backend as well. Our custom WordPress templates are easily managed using Advanced Custom Fields without the need of code knowledge. This custom setup also helps avoid breaking your custom WordPress website layout. Our designs are always based on your website’s users, and their needs don’t always fit into a pre-made template. We start at the drawing board (literally) and bring your custom design to life.

4. WordPress Website UX Audit

After a WordPress website launch it’s not uncommon the business starts to grow. As that business grows there are new challenges and needs. This is where the WordPress website needs to evolve. Our process to determine what these WordPress upgrades should be are based on a WordPress Website UX Audit.

5. WordPress Website Support

Our website support goes beyond your WordPress core files and plugin updates. The unpredictable does happen and we find it helpful when you’re able to count on someone to help you put out the fire quickly. We provide daily backups and service when you need it.

6. WordPress Website Training

We set up a training session upon the launch of every WordPress website. We invite everyone who will be updating the website in any capacity to learn about how it all works. We are also available for additional refresher sessions, or to explain any new features and updates.